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Stock Exchange Are A Band - T shirts (white)


Our "iconic" S.E.R.A.B. shirts. These are available in both men's and women's fits. This one makes you look a little less emo and a little more hipster. Richard prefers this one.

Wear one of these and girls will almost certainly find you attractive. Perfect for any occasion. Going to gigs, going on dates, going shopping, going to weddings (make sure to wear it underneath your tux or the bride'll get angry), watching TV, maaaybe not funerals. Ok, perfect for almost any occasion.

These things have a habit of selling out quickly and we can't always manufacture new ones straight away. If you order a shirt that we don't currently have in stock, you will be placed on the pre-order list and will receive a shirt as soon as we get them. We can't promise this will happen quickly, so please bear this in mind when placing an order.